How to start

There are millions of questions that someone who has never held a brush or a tube of color in his hand can ask for himself. .

How, where and what to begin with? .

First you enter the art shop, you will be certainly confused by the amount of different materials that are being sold there. If you've tried to find an answer on Youtube, there are many different tutorials of all possible techniques, materials, and levels.

I certainly cannot tell you which is the right way, but I can tell you how I started and give you a couple of universal tips that may help you make it as easy as possible in the world of a painter.


Tip number 1: Start easily

I entered the bookshop, bought a set of 12 aquarell pens, a set of 5 fine liners, one brush and aquarell block. How did I come up with the idea of buying that? I easily roamed on youtube, found a video and tried to recreate what I saw.

Here is the link:

The channel is: Drawing with Lineke Lijn

You can see my lighthouse result in the picture. If you watch the video you can see that the image I made is not nearly as good as the original, which leads us to tip number 2:

Tip number 2: Be realistic with expectations and enjoy the process

The painter becomes painting, the writer becomes writing ... The first painting will probably look like a children's drawing as you probably were in that age the last time when you tried to draw something.

This is completely normal and it does not need to discourage you. With each of the following, you will be better and better, and after a while you will be proud of your beginnings, as they will best tell you how advanced you have become.

Tip number 3: Start with one medium

I started with aquarell. There is no special reason, I just accidentally sailed into that media with some youtube channels. Today I can say that this is probably not the best medium for beginners, I'm even sure about it, but it's so seductive.

When you watch some video everything looks so simple, and when you try to recreate it, you get a result that cannot even be compared to the original.

If you asked me today what in my opinion was the best medium for beginners, my advice would be to use pastel pencils. One of the great channels that can bring you into this world is Colin Bradley Art.

Tip number 4: Wrap drawing

"I do not know how to draw", This is certainly one of the most common reasons why someone is afraid to start painting. Real drawing is the basis of everything, bad drawing cannot fix any color you put on it.

But that's why there are motives where you need only a single line (for example a line that separates sky and earth for some landscapes) or a simple drawing (which can be copied to paper or some other surface on which you work).

There's nothing wrong in copying, that is what professionals do every day. Drawing and practising will result in progress that may be good for your self-confidence and you will become much more successful in painting.

Another excellent channel that has helped me in my learning process is: Alphonso Dunn.

To begin with, I will write about how to start in individual media and suggest channels and materials that you can use in the following tutorials.