Rino Commission Painting


Step 1. Budget

My original art works can be purchased in one of two ways. You may purchase original and print in my Etsy shop or you may desire to have me create a custom original work specifically for you. The difference is cost. Having a custom, commission piece created specific to your wants/needs is the more expensive option.

Commission Costs:

Commission cost can vary significantly, depending on size, material, and subject matter. I can give you few examples, that you have better senses. I'll also give you list of material that you know what to expect:


22''x16'' (65x50cm) Oil Painting on paper - $300 (250 Euro)

Support: Fabriano Oil Paper

Paint: Cobra Artist Oil Colour


22''x16'' (65x50cm) Oil Pastel Painting on paper - $250 (200 Euro)

Support: CansonĀ® Mi-TeintesĀ®

Paint: Sennerlier Oil Pastel


22''x16'' (65x50cm) Soft Pastel Painting on paper - $300 (250 Euro)

Support: Pastel Velour Paper

Paint: Sennerlier Soft Pastel

Step 2. Characteristics

Please read a detailed list for me describing all of the following...

  • STYLE: Start by letting me know which style(s) of my work you are interested in. Browse through original works and my prints (as there are hundreds of images in my page and social media pages), and list the titles of the particular styles you wish for me to work in.
  • SIZE/QUANTITY: What size(s) and quantity do you need? Will you be commissioning one work or several works? Please describe in detail.
  • COLORS: This is a question/detail that artists usually dislike the most but it is very important for many. COLOR. Do you need to see specific colors in your commissioned work? One time I was assked: "I would like a landscape with lot of blau and yallow color". Just provide as much detail as possible and we will discuss during review as well.
  • PHOTOS: Feel free to send me photographs. Good photograph is essential for portraits. For landscape paintings photo is just a guide, because my style is impressionistic.

Step 3. Blueprint

When we arranging a details we will go through everything about the process from beginning to end. Exactly all the details above so we both are confident that we are on the same page on everything from style, to color, to size, to time frame, to shipment, etc.

Step 4. Deposit

I require 50% down before I begin. Your deposit is non-refundable. The deposit secures that I am paid for my time and materials for the commission work.

Step 5. Final Payment & Shipment

Upon completion I show you the finished project for your approval. If you are like all others who have come before you, you too will LOVE the end result and it is time to send the remaining 50% for final payment. Once final payment is received your original artwork is carefully and professionally packaged, crated if necessary, then shipped to you fully insured.